Mjf Pa12 Clearance

Discussion in 'Materials' started by haithco1, Feb 13, 2020 at 11:20 AM.

  1. haithco1
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    Regarding the MJF PA12 glass beads material: in the design guidelines, the recommended clearance between parts is 0.6 mm, and I wanted to ask what clearance would be recommended for "snap fit" parts? I am working on medical device prototypes where the parts need to fit together with the minimum clearance to prevent movement between parts. My best guess would be ~ 0.3 mm - 0.4 mm. Thanks in advance.
  2. CapHerlock
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    I've always used 0.1-0.2mm in every single kit I made, and so far people has told me they're happy that way. It fits good and stays strong even without glue. I tested and refined it in Versatile Plastic, but I found out it works with every other material as well.
  3. haithco1
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    Perfect, thanks so much for the information. I'll try that and see how it turns out.