Mistakenly Saved Wrong Sizing For New Product And Cant Find Original Files

Discussion in 'Tips and How-tos' started by Rezikai, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. Rezikai
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    So it's been years since 2014 since I used Shapeways. I decided to fire it up and go look at my older 2 products and think about editing them in the 3D viewer thingy. Well I assumed if I hit save it'd allow me to save the resized product under a different name/file but alas it did not. So I have a frankenstein version of my original product that I need to revert back to its original dimensions. But I no longer have the old information from 4 years ago when I did a First Try and had it printed out back then (after they reviewed and approved it for printing). So my question is there any way to get my product back to its original version, I see them in the history but I have no way to revert it or view what the original measurements were as far as I can see. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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