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    First of all I just want to point out that I'm completely new to 3D modeling, so what I'm doing is probably me just being a dumbass. :D

    My model seems fine in Blender and, when I view it in another 3D program, it seems fine also. But when I upload it to Shapeways some textures are missing (I've attached an example.)

    I've opened the file in notepad to have a look what might be wrong, and there's one thing that I've noticed:

    <ImageTexture DEF="IM_endermannoeyes_jpg"							              url='"endermannoeyes.jpg" "C:/Users/Lee/Documents/shapeways stuff/blender test projects/enderman/endermannoeyes.jpg"'  />
    After "ImageTexture" you see "DEF=nameOfImage" - this is on every part that the textures appear fine on Shapeways, but below it's slightly different and are the one's causing issues:

    <ImageTexture USE="IM_blackpaint_jpg" />
    Notice how on this one it says "USE" instead of "DEF", and also that the 'TextureImage' tag isn't there at all.

    I've gotten around this by copy pasting the same image file and renaming it - using the same image but renamed slightly.

    Is there something else I can do to avoid this issue, or do I need to have a different image file for every new mesh I use?


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    AHA! I just joined all the meshes that use the same texture with CTRL+J and it seems to have sorted the problem. :D
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    now it is time to pass on the knowledge that you have adjured... go forth and provide answers for those who seek them...

    or we will be forced to go there and take them. HIGHLANDER style.