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    I have a few miscellaneous questions regarding the Shapeways API, which I'm using to upload models from my mobile app.

    - It appears when I upload my model from my app and visit the resulting model's page in Shapeways, the "description" property, "markup", etc. appear fine, but "tags" appears empty. The value I give in my request is the following comma-delimited list:
    <tags>egg,easter,painting,magic 3d easter egg painter,subvs,subversus interactive,iphone,ipad</tags>

    Is there anything more I need to do to get those tags to show up?

    - In a related question, is there a way to specify the "categories", "shop section", or preview photo through the API? Will there be a way?

    - Is there a recommended way to construct the URL given the model's ID? I've noticed sometimes the following format results in a "Redirect Loop":

    The following format seems more reliable:

    Is there a format we should adhere to that will be guaranteed to always work?

    - Is it possible to ask submitModel to send its response after the model has been processed? Directing our users to a URL that says "Rendering Image..." in place of the preview image is confusing. Currently I just wait 30 seconds after receiving the model ID before directing them to the URL, but I was hoping there's a better way.

    - What is the meaning of properties such as specular_color, shininess, opacity, translucency, etc on MaterialArray? I understand these concepts in the context of 3D computer graphics but with real-world objects and light sources, how can these properties affect appearance?

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