Minotaur 39 mm miniature arrived !

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  1. tedparsec
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    Hi everyone !

    I've just received my first prints, and i must say that i'm very happy and exited with the result !
    There's some detail loss as i expected but the overall quality is really satisfying, considering the scale of this model ( 3,9 cm height ).
    The character looks quite textured and grainy on the photos, but i can assure you that the overall impression in reality is far better. ( really sorry for the poor shootings, i'm not an experienced photographer and i only had a digital8 sony camcorder to take the pictures.)
    You can check the 3d model in my gallery, here:
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/31650/minotaur_miniature_39mm .html


    As you can see below, i've tried four different prints ( white and black detail, white and terracotta strong and flexible )
    In my opinion , the most convincing material for this particular model is the black detail, his thinness and the "velvet" aspect really emphasize the most little details.
    ( again, the pictures below don't do justice to the real model.)

    -Painted white detail model with reddish brown tamiya spraypaint.

    -Black detail model.


    -White and terracotta strong and flexible models

    I can't wait to make some more test with my other models ! Now that i have seen with my eyes what shapeways can do, i can't even imagine all the possibilities...

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  2. rbot
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    That model kicks butt, excellent work, can't wait to see one painted.
  3. 16548_deleted
    16548_deleted Member
    It kept the detail pretty good for 3.9cm. Is he solid or hollow?
  4. MaxSMoke777
    MaxSMoke777 Member
    That is an excellent model! I'm impressed with the detail, you must have modeled that for weeks.

    If I may say though, where is the nose ring? Can't have a bull without the nasal jewelery! ;)

    Also, put in the extra money and make a 8 or 12cm version, something nice and big. If you hollow out the model, it won't be too bad, probably under $50. And for a model that nice, it's a shame not to fully show it off.

    And how about an action pose? Have you added a skeleton to the model? One great thing about CNC printing is that it's easy to change parts and poses. How about doing something really orginal, like maybe a revolver in his other hand? I haven't seen anybody do that before! Really take that great model to a completely whole other level!
  5. MaxSMoke777
    MaxSMoke777 Member
    Oh, and look into getting a metal version printed when metal printing is back again. That would look awesome in steel!
  6. RalphVdB
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    Hi tedparsec :cool:

    I bet they would look great in metal!


  7. galladur
    galladur Member
    wonderfull !

    I'm also waiting for my minotaur in 39mm and when I see yours results I'm realy happy to see how detailled it seems to be !

    great job ted
  8. Darkseal
    Darkseal Member
    I agree, you must add a nose ring!!