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  1. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
    I always wanted to have my own fun minions!

    So it's time to create them :)


    Ordered 4 different minions, and will all be around 6.5cm tall :D

    hope you all like them just as much as I do
  2. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
    this is how he started out, scared because he didn't have eyes yet :laughing:

  3. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
    more minions! :D

  4. Hybrid424
    Hybrid424 New Member
    These are absolutely incredible! I'd love to see a finished product when you have one. I would also love to own one as well, but I'm assuming they won't be for sale.
  5. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    I'll show them tomorrow, they are currently on their way. thanks for your kind words :D

    and they will be for sale (not really expensive)
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  6. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    Why do you assume this?
  7. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
    Well they are for sale in my shop :)


    and the 2 new minions i made today :D
  8. ContainedIdeas
    ContainedIdeas New Member
    OMGSH these are sweet! Have you pictures of the final product as yet? Would you be selling these?
  9. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
  10. jdomino06
    jdomino06 New Member
    These are the cutest ever! I'd love to see a Minion holding a mini Minion lol
  11. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member
    Haha yes, that sounds great!

    I'll have a look at that next week :laughing:
    Hope to be showing the other 2 new minions on Tuesday.
  12. Ttrains
    Ttrains New Member