Minimum upload size (in cm)

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Jettuh, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Jettuh
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    Hi all,,

    some days i've uploaded my DHARMA logo (The Swan)
    which is just 0.4cm thick :

    today i've tried to upload a betetr and cheaper version, butttt i get a email that the thickness need to be minimal 2cm?
    why could i upload the 0.4cm thickness version, but not the 0.2cm thickness (new) version?

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  2. arno
    arno New Member

    There is two items here that make it confusing:

    1. You found a typo in our 'too small' mail. It accidentally mentioned the minimum model sizes for the metal printer of the bronze ringpoem action. I have updated that. Thanks for locating and notifying us.

    2. The real minimum bounds are 0.25 x 0.25 x0.25 cm. As you state you made the model 0.2 cm thick, it is not thick enough. Which is why you get the mail.

    Sorry for mentioning the wrong minimum bounds in the mail.

    Kind regards, Arno