minimum size for a good polished?

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  1. Jose_narvaez
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    polished.png hello.
    i just want to ask what should be the minimum size between wires for a good polished on the new color
    for example like this model i am working on. these are not the real size of the wires and the space between them in the original image, but is the size
    i want to work with it. do you think it will get a good polished?
  2. Mhagan
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    Just on gut feeling, you should increase the mesh size a bit, maybe 0.5mm. I can measure the polishing media in the morning and report back with my findings.
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  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    According the the design guidelines page "The polishing media (little 5mm diameter cylindrical pellets) can take off up to 0.1mm of the surface. For small details, this can rub away the sharp corners of your details and make them less crisp." So by that, inside your mesh won't get polished as well.
  4. stonysmith
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  5. Jose_narvaez
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    ok that seems very clear to me. i was thinking according to your suggestions:1.2 mm for the wires and 3.5 mm for the mesh (the dimensions on the image are: 2mm for the wire and 5mm for the mesh) i don´t want to make it at this size because i don´t want the mesh looks bulky. according to your experience do you think in this measure it will get a good polished? ​