Minimum dimensions workaround?

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  1. Jorzi
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    Hi everyone, new here.
    I saw this issue was discussed briefly in another thread but I thought I'd start a dedicated thread for it.

    There is apparently a requirement for a minimum bounding box size of 2x2x2 cm. Can anyone explain why this is the case?

    There was an idea to rotate the model in order to get a bigger boundig box, does this affect the print direction?

    Is it a good idea to make some small geometry that is too thin to print above the actual model in order to make the bounding box larger?
  2. robert
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    Actually the minimum dimension is 0.25 cm in all directions.

    We cannot go lower because we have a *very* hard time to find your object within a tray. Just imagine trying to find an object of that size in a bucket of powder of 15 liters. :)

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  3. Whystler
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    I know it! You guys must hate me somtimes! I had some very small parts for a few prints. At least they were bigger than .25 cm :)


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  4. robert
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    Neah we do not hate you. We love your work! :cool:


  5. Jorzi
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    Thanks a lot for your feedback, you were very informative. I was making a flat piece so I'll just have to thicken it a bit...