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  1. Malik
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    Hi all I am new , and need help whit my model .
    I wish print a model in glazed ceramic but really don't know how to solve density problem .( I don't understand what i have to do ) if someone could help me thank you .
  2. duann
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    Hey Malik,

    Please contact with your question, they should be able to give you more details and are AWESOME at helping people get their models 3D printed.
  3. pfeifferstylez
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    ... from
    "Minimum Density of Model: Material to Bounding Box Ratio should be greater than 5%.

    "Material" means your models volume.
    As far as I can see, your table1 has a volume of 107,34 cm³.

    "Bounding Box" is the smallest (virtual) oblong box your model would fit in.
    You can see the bounding box dimensions on the models page.

    table1's bounding box is...
    cm: 13.84 w x 11.32 d x 14.4 h
    --> 1786,03 cm³

    5% of that are 89,3 cm³

    table1's volume (107,34 cm³) is greater than 5% of its bounding box volume (89,3 cm³).
    --> no density problem :)

    ... but it seems that your model has 8 border egdes which might be a problem.
    Get a free copy of netfabb (basic) to find and fix such errors quick and comfortable. ;)