Minimal Twist by OSKAR

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    Hi Shapeways fans,

    Minimal Twist is a twisty puzzle, related to the Rubik's Cube. It is a very minimalistic, skeletal design,even without stickers. The parts are held together by dovetail connections.The puzzle has the geometry of the Skewb puzzle.

    Watch the YouTube video.
    Buy the puzzle from my Shapeways Shop.
    Read more at the Twisty Puzzles Forum.
    Check out the photos below.



    Minimal Twist -prototype - view 1.jpg

    Minimal Twist -prototype - view 2.jpg
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  2. bennokr
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    I am always curious when I see your models: how well do they slide? It looks like the parts fit together perfectly; how much friction is there? Seeing 3D prints are often grainy, I imagine rubbing sandpaper together. Do you have a way of smoothing it out?

    It looks like another ingenious puzzle. The rib-cage design makes it affordable too!
  3. Oskar_van_Deventer
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    If you look at my YouTube videos, then you'll see how smoothly SLS models can turn, even though they sound like sandpaper.