Millennium Rod Assembly Instructions

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    Instructions for assembling Millennium Rod cosplay prop follows:

    Materials needed:

    Sanding Paper / Kitchen Knife
    Gold Glossy Spray Paint
    Black Modelling Paint

    The Millennium Rod prop is very straightforward to assemble and chances are, you don't even need these instructions. But just in case you do, here we go.

    The Millennium Rod is split into three models: the Top, the Bottom, and the Core. The Top and Bottom attach in the middle, and the Core serves as the... well, as the core, to maintain strength and prevent the seam between the Top and Bottom from being a weak point.

    First, ensure the the Core is short enough. Sometimes, the model can elongate in the 3D printing process. In this case, you can use sanding paper to sand down the Core - or, as I did, simply use a kitchen knife (use a serrated blade and saw through - CAREFULLY!).

    Squirt some superglue on the top and bottom ends of the Core, and also squirt some on the middle seam of the Top and Bottom. If you're interested in absolute maximum strength, you can also squirt some down the hollow inside of the Top and Bottom, but it's not really necessary.

    Now you need simply attach the three parts together. Push the Core down the hollow Top until it hits the 'wall' - push it in firmly! Now slot the Bottom onto the Core until the Top and Bottom meet in the middle. Hold them firmly together for a good five minutes to make sure the glue has dried. Be careful with the model for the next few hours (or up to a day) to ensure that the glue has completely dried and cured.

    I just used a Glossy Gold spray paint and black modelling paint for my model. However, you can use whatever painting method you prefer.
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