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    Gooday everybody, I was looking for someone who would be able to replicate military medals such as the Victoria Cross, the Pour Le Merite( Blue Max) as shown on the attachment and others. I would prefer that they be made in WS &F.
    I am a member of a wargaming club and I was awarding prizes made up of badges made out of cardboard and mounted on to a wooden board, I thought it would be a whole lot more professional to have the replica medals made out of something more sustainable.
    This is not for a whole production run, it may only be for 5 to 10 different medals.
    The size of the Blue Max shown is approximately 75mm. X 75mm.
    I would be interested if someone could let me know if they think it would be in their means to produce them and the cost to do it.
    I thank you in anticipation of a reply.
    Geoff Kirby

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    I think I should be able to help you. I am working with a team of experienced CAD designers and we offer affordable rates. Please note that for medals in the size you are looking for some of the details might be difficult to realise given the limitations of the printers at Shapeways.

    Please let me know how many tyoe of medals you are looking for and pictures so I can give you an estimate but you are looking at about US$ 50 per medal. Please contact me at