micro shot peening...micro blasting?

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  1. odd
    odd New Member

    Hi All,

    Just curious if any of you have had your model blasted using one of those micro blasters that dentists use?

    ..or tried out micro shot peening?

    I'm currently looking into finding someone who can do this for a reasonable cost.

    Any hints or ideas - please do let me know!! :)

    I'll post if I find a good solution...
  2. GlenG
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    Hi Odd,
    Why don't you ask your dentist! Some jewelry makers might have this sort of thing as well. Also, people that rebuild engines or precision instruments often use this kind of thing. Glass beads produce a satin matte finish, Zircon beads produce a somewhat brighter, shinier finish but this blast media is not as common as glass beads.

    If you have more than just a few parts to finish those small hand held bead blasters are not that expensive. Of course you need an air compressor to go with it. I have a unit called an "air eraser" it is made by the Paasche airbrush company, it costs around $80. U.S. A small, home use, paint compressor is sufficient and these can be found for $100-$125. US. Check out flea markets and garage sale and save money.
  3. odd
    odd New Member
    Hi Glen,

    Many thanks for the feedback and ideas! :)

    You're right, I need to get the tools and just have a go at it. Currently I'm bidding on a compressor...and looking for a used dental blasting unit...

    Ive also found that most dentistry labs arent allowed to sandblast anything that isnt approved by industry guidelines. However, after a bit of investigation I did find a guy that might do it ;) wellsee once I get my first models made.

    Ive also been looking into building a tumbler to see if that would work.

    I'll post any progress here :)

    (oh and sorry for the late reply - forgot to set post notification)

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