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    I was wondering if anyone could give me a recommendation on what type of metal to use for my project. I've recently received some jewellery that I got printed on shapeways and I absolutely love it so I want to get about 5 or 6 more printed. They are prototypes but I want to test them for wear and also to make sure I'm using the correct glue for crystals etc. I'm looking for a metal that won't easily rust, is shiny silver but is also as cheap as possible as I'm still in the prototype / testing phase. My last print was done in stainless steel and although looks good I'd really like to see it in a shiny silver without spending a fortune on silver!!!

    Many thanks in advance for any help!
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    The metals offered by SW with the exception of 14k and above do patina over time. With silver, you can always wipe with polishing cloth to restore the shine. Even the stainless steel you bought may patina as they are 60% bronze infused I believe.
    For just silver, I usually purchase the natural or raw version to save on $$. I have since gotten my hands on a micro Dremel and some 3M radial discs to do my own polishing. It really isn't as scary as I once thought it would be but I have never been good with tools, so you may be a natural.
    If you want to simulate gold, I'd use brass. They patina the fastest in my opinion and if you are wearing it to test for wear, it may turn your skin green depending on your body's acidity level (not an allergic reaction nor harmful, just science and can be washed off with soap). To return the metal to its former glory, I use ketchup. The acetic acid in ketchup cleans the metal to a beautiful shine for wear or pictures again. This method works for all copper alloys I believe.
    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much, that is all really helpful!
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    Hi Rachelle,
    I see you got your answer for this, but if you ever have any other questions, you can always contact me at
    custom jewelry is all I do.
  5. I have used aluminium filament and bronze filament for 3D printing jewellery and the results were pretty good.