Metal Printing constraints question etc.

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    (( sorry for double post - first try went into wrong forum section oops))

    Now that stainless steel / metal is available for all - can we discuss here some details and constraints about this new materials?

    I did read FAQ and some older newsletter emails about this so I gathered some info there - but I wonder what happens if I send some of my models to print in metal and then it turns out it can't be done? Is process then aborted? Or... am I sent back whatever comes out?
    Some of my models already done in WSF will probably not work in metal as they have really fine "threads" (about 1mm)... so I am wondering would shapeways create some simple template model with OK printable dimensions / shapes so we can learn from there... you know... like test object that can have OK side + maybe couple of examples you know will not work on a
    "bad" side. Few photos with some comments of such object would be a great learning tool.

    It may save everyone some time and frustration.

    For example, that Klein Bottle by Batsheeba is OK example of what can work - but can anyone tell me how thick are these finest rods in the lattice? Looks to me like these are about 1.5mm or even thinner... bridging the gap of about 3mm at some points.

    So... if I have 1.5 mm x 1.5mm thick rod in my design how long that piece can be before if should be supported by another one? 5mm? 10mm? With WSF one can go quite far with that - but I presume metal is all other story.

    Any feedback welcome!

    Igor | Alienology
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    Hi -- I had many of the same questions, so I printed out a few test pieces. My report is on the "It arrived" forum. While it doesn't answer all your questions, it should be helpful...