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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by dynath, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. dynath
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    I've been on a quest to shell my models to lower the cost for FD/FUD. I'm using the tutorial found here... -a-model

    I take a model, I export it to STL, make it a single shell in netfabb, process the geometry in Netfabb cloud, import into MeshLab, run Quad edge colapse to reduce vertices, run uniform mesh resamble to get the inner shell, now everytime I tell it to flatten layers MeshLab crashes.

    The MeshLab forums insist its a model issue. I don't believe this. I've tested with 34 models on 7 different computers using 4 OS's (uBuntu, X2 Win7 32bit, X2 XP 32bit, X2 Win7 64bit) The last model I tried was litterally a 1000mm cube. The results are were the same.

    I came here cause the tutorial was recomended by someone here (can't find the old thread) and was wondering if anyone might have some insite into the cause of the meshlab crashes.
  2. aeron203
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    It does have to do with the mesh in an obscure, invisible way. The reason has to do with the data's structure in memory, not the topology of the polygons. Save the pieces separately in PLY format and reload them. They will be reprocessed to have a consistent structure, so when the data is concatenated, Meshlab won't crash.

  3. dynath
    dynath New Member
    Interesting. thanks for the advise I'll try that.
  4. dynath
    dynath New Member
    I just wanted to report back, Aeron203 was indeed correct, exporting as PLY and then reimporting works perfectly.
    It solves a lot of random crash issues not just mine it seems. After starting a workflow where I export & import the model between operations I see a lot less crashing in meshlab in general.