Mesh / Honeycomb Effect

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    A lot of this depends upon what tool you are using and/or what tools you have access to.

    At times, I have made models out of many (many) tiny segments and then welded them all together, at other times, I've done the exterior shell, then created a specialized part and subtracted it FROM the main shell. Both methods are viable.. it depends on the complexity you are after versus the tools you have available.

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    I've been using solidworks now for over two years and usually things like this are fairly straightforward and logical but this seems to be proving a problem. I understand the various way of creating the holes / removing the holes and the way you're image shows works perfectly on flat surfaces. The problem I am having however is that the surfaces I have created are far too complex for the methods you described.

    Ill attach this link to another thread I found after posting this and have just commented on. I feel this thread would be a good place to continue the discussion as it is much more in depth. &start=0&

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    I like the method using blender! I've never really gotten into blender, it doesn't run well on mac and i find it utterly frustrating that it can't follow the same guidelines that every other mac app uses. That said it does do a good job of creating the wireframe!