Mens Band I

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  1. eSculpt
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  2. eSculpt
    eSculpt New Member
    oh think I made an error by not reading the "READ THIS FIRST" post.

    Sorry. So don't feature this, because it hasn't been produced yet (not that I foresee any problems), but check it out anyway :D
  3. lkelemen
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    It seems that your design has finer details than 0.3 mm. AFIAIK it can not be printed. Or did the printing rules change?
  4. eSculpt
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    Hmm well the pyramids are 0.4 mm and they're the smallest things on there. And I've had something cast with small converging points before, and that worked out fine.

    Thank you very much for checking out my work :)
  5. lkelemen
    lkelemen New Member
    OK, I saw the size and thought its width being 0.39 mm. But it is 3.9 mm so it is OK. It looks nice:)