Menger FUD

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by virtox, May 16, 2011.

  1. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    After ( or rather during ;-P) the FUD announcement my inspiration lacked a little, so I quickly made these and got them a few days back:

    Menger Sponges.jpg

    Three sizes 1, 1.5 and 2 cm, on a 10ct, 20ct and 50ct Euro coin respectively.

    As the holes are really tiny, there was a lot of support material still on and in them. A kind of oily greasy substance.
    It gave them quite a yellow tint.
    And at first it looked like not all holes made it through (pun intended)

    As the safety datasheet for this material looks scary, I decided to wash them thoroughly first :)
    I used hot tap water (60C) and some dish soap. Soaked and shaked them a while and rinsed abundantly.

    After drying is turns out FUD is Fudtastic :D

    All the holes are there!

    Big one (2.0cm) Smallest holes 0.74 mm :

    Menger Sponge 0.74.jpg

    Middle one (1.5cm) Smallest holes 0.55 mm :

    Menger Sponge 0.55.jpg

    Smallest one (1 cm) Smallest holes 0.37 :

    Menger Sponge 0.37.jpg

    The camera (and view angle) does not pick up these tiny objects, but on visual inspection, ALL holes are through and through!
    In all dimensions, FUD is unbelievable!

    At this rate a Level 5 is possible! Who will be first ? ;)



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  2. Eeppium
    Eeppium New Member
    Holy cubes eh :p
    What´s the wall thickness on those, looks like it´s very near the limits of the material.
  3. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Yep, wall thickness is the same as the hole size, so 0.37 0.55 and 0.74 mm

  4. stop4stuff
    stop4stuff Well-Known Member
    Awesome stuff virtox!
    0.3mm wall thickness is do-able ;)
  5. virtox
    virtox Active Member Moderator
    Well to be honest, I did not think the 0.37 mm FUD would be a DUD, but I'm pleasantly surprised ;)

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  6. jasolo
    jasolo New Member
    I had a similar idea: my 4-level Menger cube with 0.3mm holes (2.4cm) has been shipped today, so I'll post photos soon.

    I think level-4 it's the maximum level printable for Menger cube, because level-5 must be around 10 millions of triangles.