Memento from my game - but high detail ones are way lower quality than the low detail ones

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    I'm a game developer, and've been working on something for the past six months. It's still a ways of being done, but I thought I'd try get some props from it printed out - in this case, slightly weird fork-things (3d models of it can be seen on the teaser page here).

    I got 5 black strong and flexible, and 2 black detail - which I assumed would be better quality, but they're really inferior - on the right here


    The one on the left, as you can see, is super dark matt and lovely, the one on the right (the detail one) is really fuzzy/not that black, really uneven.

    It's not that big a deal, I was just trying them out - I'm happy with the cheaper ones and will go for that in future if I ever happen to get more made. But it's weird that the ones that were twice as expensive turned out so much worse. Is this what I should expect? I didn't see any indication that I could expect this sort of finish on the description page.

    Anyway, it's neat having 3d things!

    (and yep, I dropped Customer Services a line and pointed them at this thread)
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    The black detail one looks to have support material on it still - this is uncured resin and can be removed by bathing the model in a warm, mild NaOh solution (lye/caustic soda) follwed by a rins under running water, you may need to reppeat this a couple of time as well as maybe use a soft brush to get into any corners.