Mechanical Engineering, wax seals, signet rings for hire

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    About me: I'm a mechanical engineer with a focus on product design and a SolidWorks CAD modeler since 2001. I've got a strong foundation on the technical side, in addition to a second BS in Science and Technology Studies (STS), which is the human influence on design.

    Expertise: I'm knowledgeable about design for injection molding, functional prototyping, and of course 3D printing. I've successfully printed over 30 different wax seals and signet rings through Shapeways in Stainless Steel and Silver, in addition to a shaving stand and various prototypes I'm not at liberty to discuss in detail. Many places that make custom seals only engrave at one depth, like giving you a black and white image. My seals take advantage of depth to add detail, for example on the Scales of Justice, the bowls of the scale stick out of the page more on the impression, or I can have text over an image. It doesn't photograph very well, but when you can turn it in the light and touch it, you can see the craft that goes into my art. If you PM me a street address, I'll send some sample impressions so you can see what I mean.

    Experience: Past consulting projects have included a fishing lure, motorcycle accessory, and handle for a medical catheter used for heart surgery. Past full time positions include point of purchase display, automation machinery, commercial lighting, and airport ground support equipment industries.


    Rate: All depends on the work. I have co-creators set up for custom rings and seals to give you prices for those. The more detailed information you can provide for what you want, the less time I need to put into it and the more likely what you get will look like what you imagined. I always provide rendering "proofs" by email before sending a design off to print so you know what it is you will be getting.

    Harry R. Burger
    Lightbringer Designs LLC
    Wax Seals, Signet Rings, and Custom Creations
    Twitter @LtbrngrDesigns