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    Hello fellow 3D fanatics!

    I'm. Mechanical engineering student in my senior year. I was introduced to 3D printing and fused deposition modeling last semester in a class called Advanced CADCAM. e had a homework assignment where we were to use Solid works to design anything we wanted using less than 2 in^3 of material. I made a geometric shape of two intersecting tetrahedrons covered in a pattern called the flower of life.

    This assignment sparked my interest. I was incredibly excited and spent hours upon hours designing my piece in Solidworks. I used the STL file format for the printing which was done on a Zcorp machine.

    I love 3D modeling and printing!!!

    A good friend of mine showed me shapeways. I love this website and company! Its Amazing!!!

    Anyway, I'm interested in printing in the color sandstone. Could you help point me in the direction of figuring out where to start? Which software works best for color? What file format is used for color printing?

    From what I understand about the StL file format, color cannot be used. A St file only saves vertices and the facet normal.

    any and all help would be appreciated!

    Kind Regards,

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    Sweet!! Thank you!