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    I am a mechanical engineer with over 10 years experience in new product design and development. I am an Solidworks certified professional, and an expert in prototype fabrication and assembly and I have an expert working knowledge of all forms of manufacture and everything I design is 100% ready for manufacture, optimized to minimize production tool and part cost.

    I have worked in numerous fields of industry ranging from defense related projects, to medical devices and household items. I pride myself on my ability to help my clients realize the full potetial of their products through advanced technologyand asthetic design.

    I use advanced methods of client interaction; including Skype (free sign up) to "share screen", allowing you to view and direct the work I do in real time. I also provide free 3D vector image files at various stages of the project, which you can view from your computer. This process allows you to become fully emersed in the process and helps to exceed your expectations.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. No charge for consultations. NDA, referrals, and portfolio available upon request. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of each project. Call or e mail for a quote

    Lyman Bishop

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    Hey Lyman, welcome!

    I moved this thread over to the "3D Modelers for Hire" section, since I think you'll get more traffic that way.