Mechanical Engineer - upfront, communicative, & competitive rate.

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  1. lanceatkins
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    I'm Lance. I'm a mechanical & humanitarian Engineer turned entrepreneur and product designer. I enjoy working with people and keeping the design process clear-cut and transparent. What can you expect from me?

    -Honesty. Don't wonder where I'm at with the project. Expect frequent updates from me, honest appraisals of the project and directness. If we see the project changing scope or size, I'll talk with you. Don't end up frustrated with the "black box" designers who disappear for weeks.

    -Promptness. You tell me when you need it. I'll tell you if that's possible... and we will do it.

    -Competency. I'm experienced with 3d modeling. If what you need isn't something I'm capable of doing, I'm happy to refer you to someone who is.

    -$25 per hour of consistent, hard work.

    -Real person. I enjoy the social part of creating -- keep me in the loop of where your project is going and let's have fun.

    I have 9 years of engineering and CAD experience and specialize in SolidWorks. I am happy to provide engineering advice, or simply translate your idea, verbatim, into a CAD model. Do you need dimensioned, 2d engineering drawing for manufacturing or plans?

    If you'd like to learn some more about me, please visit my blog or come say 'hi' on Twitter.

    Let's simply chat about your idea and see what works for you.

    Cheers - Lance Atkins
  2. ckat
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    let me know where you are based out of and if you are willing to sign an nda ( non disclosure agreement ) thanks :)
  3. lanceatkins
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    First, feel free to email me at atkinslance [at]

    I am an American from Boulder, Colorado. However, I currently reside in Egypt, as my wife found her dream job in Cairo and we decided to chase our dream of living abroad! I'm quite happy to sign an NDA and we shall simply proceed from there!
  4. Solesaver
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    My name is Dexter Powell. I'm working on a big project? How big? Can't say yet, but let's just say I'm looking for someone to assist me now and definitely longterm. I read through your post on Shapeways and it sounded like you were very helpful into getting projects completed for people. Fortunately I do have a sketch, which would make things much easier. If we could speak more in detail about things it would really be appreciated. As I am new to this, your assistance would make things much smoother, and as I mentioned before I'm looking to work with someone long term.

    Feel free to text or call me for faster feedback and communication. I do check my email frequently and this may also be a good way of tracking previous conversation and tracking progress.

    Thank you.

    Dexter Powell