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    About me:
    I am a mechanical engineer, 39 years and living close to the city of amersfoort. I am wordking on a contract basis for several companies. I am curious in the possibilities of 3D printing. For that reason I want to offer my skills on this forum.

    I can make new models based on a sketch or a 2D (autocad) drawing or adjust existing models.I am also able to create a 2D drawing/sketch with measurements of the of the design based on the 3D model I have created. The dimensions can be checked by you and changed if you wish. With the 2D drawing it is possible to discuss about the model and propose changes in the design. In this way it will be an interactive process.

    Expertise: The expertise I have is 5 years of 3D modeling in Solid edge. The formates I can handle are:
    Solid edge files, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, SAT, STL.
    Besides that I am able to use 2D autocad

    Rate: 25 euro for an hour of work

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