Mechanical Engineer/Industrial Designer for Hire

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  1. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    I am a qualified mechanical engineer ready to assist you with your designing needs. I can turn ideas and sketches in great 3D models ready to be printed or manufactured in any other way you desire. I have over 4 years of professional experience with Solidworks and haven't come across a project I cannot support from start to finish.

    As well as a mechanical engineer, I also have 3 years of practical experience which has resulted in me being able to read and draw extremely accurate production drawings you may need.

    My rate varies on the amount of work I expect your project needs, as well as the difficulty. Please feel free to contact me with any of your questions and I'll be happy to make you a quote.

    For more information and reviews about my work, you can also find me on oDesk:
    I'm also in the process of building my own website. Stay tuned.
  2. mikewillplay
    mikewillplay New Member
    I have an idea for a phone case.
    I have sketches of the idea.
    Will you sign an NDA/non compete contract?

    I'm not sure how this all works so perhaps you could advise.

    Thank you,
    Mike W.

  3. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    I have sent you a pm!
  4. dante2262
    dante2262 New Member
    I would like wearable Iron man helmet can have the colors but does not have to have them you can pm me price and if ub need them i can send u pictures.the only part i want to function is the front to go up and down.
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  5. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    I've sent you a pm as well.

    Thanks for your interest everyone. I welcome everyone and anyone to forward me their ideas so I can give you a quote. Thanks!
  6. peanutbuttery
    peanutbuttery New Member
    Double Enveloping Worm gear is what i was looking for. I would need the gear and worm that matched in a 40:1 set up wondering if its something you can do?
  7. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    Thank you for your message. I have replied to you. This is definitely the kind of thing I can do. I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. ronnierate
    ronnierate New Member
    I have a simple and elegant design idea to improve the efficiency of an existing industrial product which I would need to describe. Can you call me at 832-776-4766?

    Dale Reynolds
  9. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    Thank you for your post, Dale. I have sent you a message.

  10. PierceWorks3D
    PierceWorks3D New Member

    My name is Chris. I am looking to outsource a bit of modeling work for a design that I have already vectored out. I actually have several concepts ready for rendering, but I have one specifically that I think would be best for a mechanical engineer/industrial designer. The design is fairly simple, in theory. It is made up of a few aligned gears. I just want to make sure that the working parts, well.., work.

    Are you available at this time?

    Thank you much,

  11. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for your message. I have responded to you in private messages. Looking forward to hearing more about your project.


    To anyone else, I still have space available in my schedule for your projects! Don't hesitate to contact me for a quote!
  12. VRHDesign
    VRHDesign New Member
    I have a few projects running at the moment. Thank you very much everyone for your interest. Most of my current projects are finishing in the middle/at the end of the upcoming week. I will be very happy to receive your project details and to give you a quote to get started soon.

    Always feel free to send me private messages with your projects!

  13. JDEZ
    JDEZ New Member
    hi my name is John, i made a ring in college rhino class and i dont have the software to fix the size of it anymore, can u make the proportions printable ? how much does this correction cost? the ring link is here:
    thank you for your time
  14. Cwiblin
    Cwiblin New Member
    Need quote. See model; the attachment is a cut view of a plastic can with no top but the bottom has a lip but a large hole.


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