measure unit conversion problem from blender to stl

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    Hello, everybody, i am new to this site and i would like to upload a pendant model, the only thing is that i use blender and i have been trying to convert my blend file to stl, averything goes well except for the measures, does anyone knows how to scale you object in blender in terms of units and which units to use so that it gets properly reflected in the stl file?

    hope someone can help me with this.

    many thanks
  2. modelmonk
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    i think i solved it, i did not take the measure of the bounding box, silly me
  3. Fredd
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    Be careful when you upload. Say you created a 3x3x3 box. Since a stl only contains mesh, not scene data could be problems. SW has 3 options in the stl dimension lengths, mm, m and inch. If you want the box to print at 3cm cubed, you will need to scale it by 10 apply scale, export, chose mm at upload.
    There is a technique where you can use Scene units. Click Meter under Scene tab. Open N panel, under Dimensions replace each value(should be 3m) by 3cm for the 3x3x3box Apply scale.
    To check, now click None in scene unit value. Look at the dimension values, .03 x .03 x.03(its in blender units) Now when you upload select meters, since .03 m= 30mm= 3cm

    The real fun is when you import a file that contains a file format that has scene data.

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