Maybe someone can Help me with creating a X-Files Badge

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    Hi there Programmers!

    I found shapeways and it looks like nearly anything is possible here! But i am noone who know much about 3D programming or designing ;-(
    I would like to ask you if someone (maybe a supernatural or X-Files Fan) is interrested in programming or designing such a badge for printing in metall?
    I got some scarts replicas from the wallets and so the badges are from resin. I looked nearly everwhere in the Internet so find some badges in Metall but my search was not successfully ;-(
    This badge is used in several series/films and is not like the real badge of the FBI ! I love the Eagle on the Top ;)

    Maybe is there a Fan which is interrested in programming it. Please let me know if you nee the messurements.

    Greetings Peter

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