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  1. Raizer04
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    I have a number of 3d files that I am trying to print on my printer, yet the problem i am facing is the normals inverting. I've tried various software to include

    Maya (currently toying with)
    Netfabb Studio

    I need all the normals facing the same way in order for it to print properly, but whenever I try to reverse the normals, the opposite side then becomes the problem. I have tried the conform feature in MAYA as well and it still wont work. Can someone please show me how to get the normals to face all the same way, without the other side of the object becoming the issue as well? here is the files I am working with.

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  2. Raizer04
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    Here is the other files I am working with as well that is giving me problems.

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  3. Raizer04
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    last one

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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Your models have no thickness to them. They are just skins. Open them in Blender. Add Modifier. Solidify. Add whatever wall thickness you want. In the file I did I entered 1. Export to STL. Open in Netfabb where you can check and measure.
    Blender Modifier.png
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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Fixed file. Wall thickness 1mm.

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  6. Youknowwho4eva
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    Jacant, I think you mean blender instead of Meshlab for the solidify command, those look like blender screen captures.
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Sorry Michael. It is Blender.
    Edit done
    Regards Rob
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  8. Fredd
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    A 2d plane has no thickness, thus no material volume. Extrude that plane, an interior volume is created.The normals oriented correctly define the volume on a manifold mesh. The term "Not watertight" fits your problem exactly. You just want the end result to be a manifold surface defining the interior volume, similar to a filled balloon. You don't want the air escaping, heh.

    There are some pretty good tuts on the basics of the principles of preparing a model here for 3D printings. They are really worth reading.

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