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  1. Rudeartist
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    Hi guys,

    Well, I've finished my first model for color print, got the textures looking all nice and checked to make sure that there aren't any holes or geometry in the mesh the would result in the file being rejected.

    I first tried uploading it as an OBJ file just to see if the site would accept it. It seemed to work just fine until I noticed several things.

    1. in the preview window the model was flipped 90 degrees so that it was facing downward

    2. Several object were missing or invisible in the viewer. The mesh is made of of a main body with two separate objects for the eyes and numerous smaller ones for the section-cups. The eyes show up and so do several cups, but not the rest. Is this just an issue with the viewer, or do I have a problem with the mesh itself?

    3. No matter what scale I set the model to in Maya, it would always show up as being no more than a centimeter in size. Am I doing something wrong?

    Next I tried importing the same mesh but as .dae and wrm. and both were rejected by the site.

    The .wrm file was rejected because "Some geometry are not supported: Switch"

    The .dae file was rejected because "COLLADA file contains invalid index in TextureCoordinate array, value: 207629. value ignored.

    I have absolutely no idea what any of this means

    Help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    As for your OBJ upload,

    1. Different software has different orientation. We try to use the most common orientation. I can never get my OBJ uploads to face the right direction though.

    2. Some small items are removed by the automated software as unprintable. It's best to have them joined with the rest of the model

    3. Some software has a displayed units, and an actual units. I'm not familiar with Maya settings, but I'd assume your are only changing the displayed units.

    I'm not familiar with the errors you received on the other file types.

    If you can share the files with us, we can look into them. If you wish not to make them public you can email them to me. Address is below.
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  3. Rudeartist
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    Thank you I appreciate that
  4. DWSimmons
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    I also have the exact same fault though in a different location.

    From the email:

    Additional non-critical errors:

    COLLADA file contains invalid index in TextureCoordinate array, value: 321367. Value ignored.

    Say whaaaaat? My file was an .obj that was initially rejected due to being too small. I used the AccuTrans3D tutorial ( -3d ). I also did the optional 2D extrude and the above error is what I received. Where should I go looking / what should I do / what does that mean?