Maya 2009 for Linux - How to Export

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by WebmistressM, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. WebmistressM
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    As of now, Im using Maya 2009 for creating my jewelry for Shapeways. I have been reading this tutorial to help me find out how to prepare a model for proper sizing. collada-3dprinting

    Mentioned here, the writer cites that I need to get the Collada plugin from this URL:,en/

    Since Feeling Software is no longer, the link above does not work. Through searching, I have been able to find the collada.mll file for Windows Maya, but not the .so extension for Linux. The closest I would get to getting the Linux compatible library is compiling it from here: unk

    Sadly, compiling from source is what Im weak on. It was suggested in other threads to export as an OBJ and then use Meshlab.


    Given that Linux is almost never supported on anything and my compile-from-source skills are so rusty, it seems better for me to look towards the Meshlab way.

    Are there any other Linux Maya users that might have similar experiences when it came to figuring the best way to export their designs from Maya?
  2. stonysmith
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    Sorry.. perhaps someone else here on the forum can help. I use *nix many times a day at work, but it's always command line stuff.. never in Xwindows.

    Another possible place to check.. there should be support forum for Maya.. I'd pose your question there as well.
  3. WebmistressM
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    Yeah. I am hoping too. Been patient all these days (besides, Shouldnt really bump topics up). Ill see what meshlab turns up for now.
  4. tkaap
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    Take a look at the mayaExportSTL MEL script. That should work regardless of operating system. That's what I use, and it works fairly well if you don't need colors. utility-external/export/c/mayaexportstl

  5. WebmistressM
    WebmistressM New Member
    Thanks. I shall try this. Should I still use a tool to make sure the measurements (scale/proportion) are correct?
  6. tkaap
    tkaap New Member
    I usually double-check the STL files in netfabb before uploading them, but so far the sizes have all been accurate.