Mathematical shapes and forms.

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    There are many beautiful, simple and complex, mathematical shapes which lend themselves for 3d printing, so I thought it nice to have an open topic to post and discuss variations.

    Inspired by the Klein (Eight) discussion, that seems like a good start:

    As mentioned in the other topic, for now I only have the basic version of the Klein Eight but am hoping to find something more interesting hidden in it. g4834
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    :) The fun thing I find about these shapes is, you hardly need math, imagination is usually enough.
    (hmm Imathination anyone?)

    While I like to challenge myself and do them mathematically, the formula used in the end basically comes down to:
    A figure eight going round a circle and doing a 180

    @henryseg, thanks, very insightful, there goes my lazy sunday afternoon ;)

    Woah! The actual double Klein bottle in that paper DOES rock my boat :)

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