Materials Swatch Url Output On Shapediver Poor Quality

Discussion in 'Shapeways API' started by ik_ilmar, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. ik_ilmar
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    I am developing 3D configurable model using Grasshopper 3D (Rhino3D) and ShapeDiver platform with ShapeWays bridge extension. I am experiencing some difficulties to retrieve high quality textures of materials, available on ShapeWays through ShapediverShapewaysMaterials node in Grasshopper3D.

    In contrast this is the comparison of same material rendering quality on ShapeWays and ShapeDiver:
    All textures are fetched with ShapeDiverShapeWaysMaterials node and are instances of Swatch URL output. I have no influence on quality of these textures. As I understand, this is the only representation of textures which ShapeDiverShapeWaysMaterials can output from Shapeways API? I would like to have same quality of materials on ShapeDiver as they appear on Shapeways when a model is uploaded on Shapeways in a selected material.

    This is an example of a texture which Swatch URL outputs:

    Uploaded example on ShapeDiver:

    Is there any pack of ShapeWays material textures to download and link then with material selection on Grasshopper? I would be very grateful to have it. I tried to search on though, did find any information about material textures.
    Thankful for your advise.
  2. mkroeker
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    Could be there is nothing wrong with the texture as such, and you are seeing the difference between tiling a texture patch onto the model vs. stretching it to fit ?
  3. ik_ilmar
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    This is the answer I've received from ShapeDiver developer "Unfortunately, ShapeWays provides low quality texture images and their rendering has some internal texture processing that we do not have access to". So my question is: can you provide some higher quality textures through Swatch URL output to get better textures of available materials on ShapeWays?