Materials suitable for piercings

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  1. Egelados
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    I was thinking of making some piercing designs, mainly for personal use since I cannot find that I like in the market.

    So I was thinking if there are any materials I could use. Plastics, stainless steel and sandstone are out of the question.

    But what about ceramics? They are food-safe, pretty smooth and (from what I've seen from pictures) they are not porous at all. Are they suitable though to.. .stick them in my ear?

    The minimum wall thickness is 3 mm, but this is not a problem because I wanted to make piercings thicker than 3mm anyway. So if I avoid sharp edges I don't think that I will have any mechanical problems.

    Glass is another candidate, since many piercings are made out of glass, but I don't think that 3D printed glass would work. It is porous and fragile, so it is neither hygienic nor has the desired mechanical strength.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Glass is also leaving us. All Shapeways materials are for decorative purposes only. Ceramics is food safe because the glazing process is a certifiable food safe process, but as you see on the materials page, it does have an unglazed surface. So the entire surface of the piece will not be glazed. Also note that the minimum bounding box requires the dimensions of all axis to add to at least 120mm.