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Discussion in 'Shapeways API' started by sjorro, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. sjorro
    sjorro New Member
    Hi all,

    I have a question about the materials I get when I call the 'getPrinters' function.

    The xml output is roughly the following (without all the namespaces):

    <item type="Material">
    <id type="integer">31</id>
    <title type="string">Gold Plated Matte</title>
    <description type="string"/>
    <base_color nil="true"/>
    <specular_color nil="true"/>
    <shineness nil="true"/>
    <opacity nil="true"/>
    <translucency nil="true"/>
    <refractive_index nil="true"/>
    <startup_cost type="float">0</startup_cost>

    Seems to me there is a lot of information missing per material, currently I'm making an app to let users create 3d models for shapeways and would like to have the following options:

    - base_color (in order to preview the materials color on the model)
    - startup_cost
    - cost_per_cm3

    It would be nice to give the user an insight in the costs based on material and size selection, before uploading the entire model.

    Is this possible?

    Kind regards,

    Sjoerd van den Berg.
  2. robert
    robert New Member
    Hey Sjoerd,

    Yes it is possible to get the price. You have to use "getModelPrice" for that. Please see API doc for more info.

    The reason it is interactive is because the price model is not completely linear for some materials. For instance we charge startup costs, cost for the 1st cm3 or a density discount for larger parts. It is best that you use the Shapeways price calculation algorithm for that available through "getModelPrice".

    The missing base colors is a mistake on our part. I will ask to have that fixed asap.

    What are you trying to create using the Shapeways API?

    Let me know if you need more help!


  3. sjorro
    sjorro New Member
    Hi Robert,

    Thanks for the tip!

    I don't think i can state online what I'm creating (due to secracy issues, and what not), but it's in close communication with shapeways (the dutch department, if I'm not mistaken).

    You'll see it online soon ;)

  4. bitstoatoms
    bitstoatoms Member
    Heya Sjorro,

    be sure to let us know when you are ready to launch so we can spread the word...

  5. sjorro
    sjorro New Member
    I'll do that, thank you! :)