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Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by madebydan, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. madebydan
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    Would be great to get more info on the materials page including type of plastic, more quantified physical properties, are they recyclable etc etc.

    Info on the post processing that you do would be good as well. I read a post that said the "strong white and flexible" material is put in a chemical bath after printing. That kind of stuff would be good to know.

    Photos that show the material finish better would be good as well.

    Also is there a chance you will offer post processing services like vacuum metalizing and painting of objects in the future?

  2. kidcopernicus
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    Full specs on the materials, including full MSDS report. The only way to really build a phenomenon here is to give the users as much information as possible, and let them discover the uses for your wonderful machines.

    Limiting information inhibits specialization, which in turn stifles innovation. Creating new markets in this type of technology is as simple as harnessing the innate response from your clientele's varied expertise. You would be wise to provide your "ghost-workforce" with all the tools they need to generate new applications.

    And please show you understand this by putting a materials link on the front page of your site. It's missing. (I'm not the first to ask.) It takes minutes to find what is the first thing an engineer will want to begin processing his or her options for application of your services; many artists as well.

    I look forward to using your services in a myriad of ways.
  3. pete
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    very fair point.
    We are working on some really cool material pages and will be updating our material pages very soon (weeks)

    Please check back on our site.

    thanks for your patience,
  4. WetMorgoth
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    One of the issues with the material information is that we may not have it all. For example, in working on getting realistic rendering of the materials in the editors and web page, we are finding that many of the properties are not findable online. Partial information is available, but I suspect that the manufacturers are keeping it as close to their chest as possible for competitive reasons.