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    For designing 28mm minitures, what is the best material. Frosted detail looks like it would be the best, but it is really expensive. If I did go for that which is beter, the normal or the Ultra? Is strong and flexible a good enough quality and do the colors remain consistant? What about fine detail plastic? Is there any other good material I missed? Thank you.
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    depends on ...
    For figure parts I use FUD.
    For some bigger Parts for vehicles is also S&F usable. But it is missing a lot of detail.
    Mabay its is a good Idee to browse thru #tabletop an watch some product Photos to get a feeling of the Materials.
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    What about fine detail? Does anyone know anything about that. FUD seams relly expensive
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    By #tabletop do you mean on twitter. Thanks.
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    no i mean on shapways.

    depends on ... :)
    I used fine Detail for Test, but the fine details where lost on the Object. 5&#msg_57295
    Here an example. These are Logo-plates for my SM-Chapter. Designed for FUD. You see the test print (the yellow-white one) where the Details are look like "melted".
    And FUD is not as expensive as it appears. The most expensive is the Startup-fee. That makes it expensive to print smaller Object like a single Weapon.

    The Question is: What do you want to do?
    Buy Objects? Or create your own?
    If you want to create your own, look to the Material Pages. What is the Minimum Detail? That Model the Object with this in mind. I always model my object for a Specific material, i.e. the Minifig fins are so modeled that thy good printable in S&F materials.

    If you want buy sth? Ask the Designer.
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    Thanks, Im looking to create my own range of models.