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Discussion in 'Customizable Products & Design' started by fbnewtz, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. fbnewtz
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    I would love to see some durable materials that could be used for printing shoes or other wearable items. I realize that there are limitations to the printing process when it comes to durability however I have some ideas I would love to be able to produce on an as needed basis. I think a real push to start manufacturing items outside of the knick knack arena could really open the doors for Shapeways to be a real alternative to manufacturers who are getting their goods mass produced through normal manufacturing channels.

    Just imagine being able to print out a set of plastic food storage containers that fit your cabinet space and volume requirements. Or designing the perfect to-go cup that fits in your vehicles cup holder and the space that is available in your vehicle. There are so many unique opportunities that one off manufacturing could provide that is just not possible these days with mass production manufacturing.

    Or buying a shoe that was custom molded to your foot for the ultimate in comfort and support.

    Anyway, I really love Shapeways and all of the awesome products that are available. I would really like to see this expand into something more significant that what is currently offered.

  2. nancyliang
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    Hey, I really like your ideas. I'd be interested in discussing them with you. Are you looking for new materials or new ways of helping people design products?

    Anyway, my email is, feel free to ping me and we can discuss some more!

  3. Felix11
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    Hi i´m interested in bioresins - when or how will this come in 3d-printing?