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  1. BigRockForge
    BigRockForge New Member
    I see that Shapeways offers stainless steel and sterling silver.. but how can I get something done in non-stainless... or 'mild steel'?
    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Shapeways 3D printed stainless steel is very strong and rigid with similar properties to 420 stainless steel, except it is infused with a bronze content of up to 30%. It has a slightly pitted surface finish for that vintage look.
    Have a look at the 'Material Overview' and the 'Design Guidelines' if you want to make that sword hilt.
  3. BigRockForge
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    My main issue is that I would not be able to run it through the paces of my normal antique patination... as the stainless would be impervious to the acids that I use. But I can give it a shot with one and see how many 'years' I can put on one.
  4. Bathsheba
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    Bathsheba-Bob says give it a try. I don't know jack about metallurgy, but I've seen this metal rust...I don't think it comes out of the printer as stainless as it went in.
  5. BigRockForge
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    okay... I just got a link with a better look at the finish and it is pretty nice. This could be pretty cool...

    edit: actually.. this is blowing my mind with possibilities for my work. I need to get on a fast track to learning design.
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  6. stannum
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    You have to think of it as a steel bronze mix (not alloy, but mix of small grains). It will rust sooner or later. See the crab demo.
  7. BigRockForge
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    yes I see that now.... very interesting. The look will be nice for what I'm trying to do.