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  1. LarsAndren
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    I got the recommendation to use a material for a prototype:

    ABS-M30 0,254 mm natur

    ABS-M30 0,178 mm natur


    What is similar to this in Shapeway´s when order?

    All best
  2. virtox
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    Hi there,

    I see those are alternative materials for stratasys FDM printing.

    Shapeways currently does not offer ABS (anymore)

    Depending highly on the application the Strong&Flexible could suit your needs, but it does have different properties compared to FDM ABS.
    What exactly do you need?


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  3. LarsAndren
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    Hi Stijn :)

    For this first part there are not really much advanced property's needed

    I need some flexibility and one "interlock" point were there could be some force /stress (see Pdf)

    smooth fit between parts needed

    no heat,water resistance etc.


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