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  1. CoyoteSeattle
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    Hey, got a quick question, for anyone who might know; how do the weights of the white, strong and flexible material and grey robust material generally stack up?

    I'm currently working on a few costume designs, and figured that getting some of the core structural components printed would save a lot of time and effort, but obviously want them to weigh the least possible, since someone would be wearing or carrying them all day.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Hi CoyoteSeattle,

    Believe me, you will not ask yourself this question for too long: your object will get too much expensive before it gets too much heavy :D .

    Anyways, the density of White Strong and Flexible is 0.93 (that is 1 cm3 weights 0.93 gram) and the density of Grey Robust is 1.25.

    You can find this kind of information in the links that are in the Materials pages.

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    I had the same question. I think it would be interesting to add this information in the material pages of the website.
    Thanks for the answer though. :)
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