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  1. Magic
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    During the latest podcast, there were questions about which material was the most popular, and in particular what was the popularity of the Full Color Sandstone material.
    Obviously this depends on what you offer in your shop.
    Here is for my shop the material the most popular.

    I took the Excel file, removed the cancelled orders and classified the materials in function of number of items sold and in function of markup:
    Material popularity.jpg

    As you can see, White Strong and Flexible is by far the most poplar material. Full Color Sandstone arrives second, and then White Strong and Flexible polished 3rd, which is not bad for a very recent material (I sold my first model in Sept 2009).
    You can also see that FD is not present and FUD is very low (those materials were introduced only 2 month ago), so the change in the pricing scheme won't affect my shop so much.

    I don't know if you have similar results, but if you want to share I guess it will be appreciated :).

  2. virtox
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    Using OpenOffice sucks a bit, but here goes, total results since march 2009.


    WSF also in first place with 40% and I have not done much with colored sandstone, so second place is a tie for Steel and Alumide both 15%

    It's pretty skewed with the long timeline and different material introduction times.


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  3. stonysmith
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    For roughly the same time period, sales from my shop:

    Roughly as much stuff was sold from my shop in FUD in two months as for the entire prior year in WD.
  4. woody64
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    Interesting question:
    Since the beginning of shapeway's shops: January 2009
    (PLease note the position of FD/FUD)
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  5. mctrivia
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    Interesting Polished has not been around long and already makes up 25.8% of my sales. Most group packs are ordered in WSF which explains why it makes up a lot higher percentage on the markup.

    Orders Markup

    White Strong & Flexible
    43.9% 61.0%

    White Strong & Flexible Polished
    25.8% 17.4%

    Stainless Steel
    10.6% 4.4%

    4.5% 6.5%

    Frosted Ultra Detail
    4.5% 6.0%

    Black Strong & Flexible
    3.0% 1.3%

    High Gloss White Glass
    3.0% 1.1%

    Summer Blue, Strong & Flexible
    1.5% 0.9%

    Transparent Detail
    1.5% 0.9%

    White Detail
    1.5% 0.5%
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  6. Magic
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    Yes, Polished Whte Strong and Flexible is quite successful for dice. But this all the more true that at the contrary of FD or FUD it does not require a redisgn (the reduce the wall thickness so that the price is still affordable): so any die available in WSF is automatically available in Polished WSF, I guess this helps.
    I can't wait to have Polished Dyed Strong and Flexible or Polished Alumide...

    Thank you all for sharing these figures: it gives a better idea on how different our shop are, and helps to understand why we all have different concerns.
    Keep them coming!