Massey Ferguson 760 Combine 1:87 Scale

Discussion in 'My Shapeways Order Arrived' started by GWMT, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. GWMT
    GWMT Member
    Wow! The front grille printed perfectly - the raised lines are 0.1mm wide.

    Any suggestions for a model acrylic paint to match Massey Ferguson red? MF760print 1SM_181328.jpg MF760print 7SM_181958.jpg MF760print 8SM_182104.jpg

    It should look like this assembled
    MF760 SW progress 76.jpg
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  2. shawn_halayka
    shawn_halayka Well-Known Member
    Wow. Looks great!
  3. brendanleis
    brendanleis Member
    Is this available to purchase? I can't find it in the catalogue and I'd like to make a flatcar load of these!
  4. GWMT
    GWMT Member
    That's also my plan: the car is a CP 317000 series 66ft bulkhead flat printed by Shapeways.
    They are very expensive - my cost was over $200 for the two combines and the flatcar. Plus a laser-cut flatcar deck, trucks, couplers, wire for grabs, etc.
    CP317000 66ft bulkhd flat 2 MF760 combines_210138sm.jpg
    I don't have a cab for the combine yet - I bought a Wanhao Duplicator D7 Plus to print clear cabs but the results aren't good enough for me. I'm going to buy a desktop CNC milling machine and try cutting cab walls out of 0.015" clear acrylic sheet.
    MF760 cab 7 test fit_145709.jpg MF760 SW progress 94.jpg
  5. brendanleis
    brendanleis Member
    Well your results are great! Post on this thread if you ever decide to put it in the market place, with or without a cab. I'd probably cut one out of styrene since the walls are so thin. Where are you from? I saw a picture and wanted to build this load/car for my Goderich sub layout as a delivery to a rural dealership. I have a lasercutter, so I've been making wood decks for all my flatcars.
  6. brendanleis
    brendanleis Member
    What program did you draw it in?
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