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    Hello! I'm not sure if this can go here? I didn't see a Specific area for asking for commissions? Maybe I missed it? I apologize.

    Anyway! I wanted to see if anyone has ever done Posable figures before?
    I'm looking for someone who may be able to help me out. I'm an artist and I tend to like drawing Mass Effect Aliens. For example Krogans. (I'll post some pics those who are not sure xD they are pretty neat looking.)

    I wanted to see if I could maybe get something made a possible Krogan pose-able figure to help me out. And if I'm able to come up with the money maybe some switchable hands and heads? If not that's fine!

    But I'd like to know what you would charge So I know how much to save up if you're willing to take on the project. :)

    First Pic is a Detailed version of them without Armor or clothes. I was thinking if you could do something like this with just less detail that would be awesome.
    The second pic is a picture I drew as a study.

    I also wanted to see if you'd be willing to take on Two figures? A male and Female version. The ones posted (Pics) Are males, females would simply be slightly smaller and have less armor plating.

    Please let me know what you think! :D PM me or Email me at
    Thank you for taking a look! <3
    JE_Krogan_Final_All.jpg Krogan Study.png

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    It looks really stunning but I don't really know fi it's printable. I used the service to print full-size Shepard hanging. Not 3D really, but that's just amazingly detalized.