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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by Hugemini, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Hugemini
    Hugemini New Member
    Got my first order and the parts look great.

    I marked the parts up before I placed the order so that I could see how the whole system worked before pointing buyers at my shop.

    Just curious when I should see a Paypal credit for the margin on my parts?
  2. gibell
    gibell Well-Known Member
    Don't hold your breath!

    If you read the fine print, payments are "frozen" for at least 30 days to make sure everything is settled. THEN, payment will only be made to you via PayPal after the total you are owed is at least $30. Given my minescule markups, this could take several years for my shop. I advise a markup of $30! :cool:
  3. Hugemini
    Hugemini New Member
    Consider my breath unheld :)

    That makes sense, thank you for the info.

    Just want to make sure I understand how everything works before I fling open the doors on my shop and start advertising.
  4. Marleen
    Marleen New Member
    Hi decepticon1313,

    Maybe this helps:

    We have the 30 day freeze period to account for any questions/ returns of your customers. You can see how much you have earned on your mark up overview that is available when you log in.