Man's Ring Needed - Estimate required

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    I need a big ring created to be compatible with all metal types at Shapeways.

    Front Face will be pentagon shape with a 2D embossed logo in the center minimum 1" height. (SVG available)
    The pentagon should be fully part of the band, and not sitting on top of a band.
    Side faces will be 2d Embossed letters.
    Some of the back of the ring hollow to save money, but not make it fragile.
    Would like little touches such as rounded or chamfered edges on the band, Nice transition from the sides to the odd shape of the pentagon, extra detail or rounding of things to bring it up just a notch.

    I need before we can start:
    - estimate
    - Sample work that's similar
    - Reviews or reputation
    - Agreement to never sell or transfer the file or our logo

    I want after payment:
    - Ring designed in several band sizes US 10, 11, etc- or simple instructions on how to change it.
    - Editable source files with license for continual use of a ring that is Shapeways and similar printers compatible

    Thank you
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    PM sent
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