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  1. bobzombi
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    Hi, I've uploaded a .stl file which was fine, but then I took the same file and scaled it down and ever since whenever I upload it, I get the message that only manifold geometry is allowed, but I cannot find any non-manifold geometry, can anyone help me out?


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  2. WiKKiDWidgets
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    It's way to small mate...
    X: 0.011
    Y: 0.040
    Z: 0.014

    If you uploaded in milimeters, it would be 0.004cm

    If you uploaded it in centimeters it would be 0.040cm tall.

    if you uploaded in Inches it would be 1.01600mm tall.

    Your vertices are so close together that they are litterally right on top of each other.

    I think you scaled it down a wee bit too much.

  3. bobzombi
    bobzombi New Member
    Hey thanks for taking a look.
    The previous upload was twice this size, and when uploading I choose 'meters ' which should make it 4 cm, right?
    I exported it from lightwave.

  4. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Yes, that is correct. But I still think that it is scaled down so small that the individual vertices are just all on top of each other. From what I understand of Lightwave, a default unit of measurement (UOM) is in Meters. However, Lightwave is not a CAD program so that unit is for reference only. And when you export to and STL file the Unit of measurement is arbitrary. So yes, in theory, you are correct. Scaling your modle down to .040M would be 4CM. You should just try and export the model at 4M (Or 4 UOM) from Lightwave. When you upload it, just choose CM as the UOM and it should work.

    One caveat though, if you have saved your model at the .040 tall factor, you may not be able to scale it back to full size again.
  5. bobzombi
    bobzombi New Member
    Hey thanks, but there is no CM option when uploading , just inches, meters and millimeters.

    So i'll end up with a giant statue or a microscopic version :)

  6. WiKKiDWidgets
    WiKKiDWidgets New Member
    Whoops... hehe. I don;t know why I keep thinking there is. sorry. however, the same principal applies.

    You could scale it to 1.57480315 (4cm) and then upload it in inches. (More like 1.575 if you need to truncate it.)
  7. bobzombi
    bobzombi New Member
    Okay I'll take a look into it, still not sure if I totally get it, since lightwave also has the option to choose either cm, m or inches.
    Confusius say;' scale is relative, but what to relate to?'
    Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

  8. WiKKiDWidgets
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    "relative" simply means that the represented unit of measurment is variable. CAD programs like AutoCAD actually contain dimensional data inside the DWG files it creates. I.e. if you say it is 4cm tall, it contains data in the file that states that it is 4cm tall. An .STL file (and allot of other 3D formats) do not contain dimensional data. You could say it was 4 whatever and when you go to some sort of CAM (Computer aided manufacturing) program or machine like the 3D printers here. That 4 can be 4mm, 4cm, 4m, 4km, 4in, 4ft, 4miles, etc, etc, etc.