Manifold problems in Sketchup

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    I am very new to Shapeways. I'm trying to create a model in Sketchup with all manifold objects and I'm having trouble. I want to be able to create my file in Sketchup, Export as a .DAE file and then upload to Shapeways, however, I get the non-manifold objects message every time I try. It's a fairly simple model. I have attached it. Could someone take a look and show me why I still have non-manifold objects in my model? Or offer advice on how to get rid of them in Sketchup? Much thanks in advance.


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  2. RalphVdB
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    Hi cmdrico7812 :cool:

    My name is Ralph and i am Shapeways Webmaster. There are some known problems with Google Sketch up.

    The file is in a 'dialect' that we can't process right now. You can re-exported it using MeshLab (free open source software - )

    For example. Save your file as collada. Then open it in Meshlab, save it, and upload it again. This will work just fine.

    Hope this helps :D !

    Cheers, Ralph