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  1. junkat90s
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    hello everybody,

    there's problems in my object

    for information, i'm using c4d
    I've tried to use MeshLab, it colours me 2 regions for non-manifold, but I don't know how I can resolve it

    if someone can help me

    thank's a lot in advance

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  2. Eeppium
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    the shapes you have booleaned in the surface, have some separated vertices and two of them have just been covered with faces (as seen in pictures). you should delete or leave them just open.


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  3. junkat90s
    junkat90s New Member
    thank's a lot :) , I'm going to delete them right now !
  4. crsdfr
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    Im pretty sure this is what you were going for. The main problem is the entire inner ball was inverted.

    Just so you're aware (if this was your intention) the inner ball is too large to rotate inside the outer sphere. The shells are intersecting and will just print fused together. If your idea *was* to have the inner ball rotate inside, you'll be wanting to scale the ball down a little.

    Anyway, enjoy.


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  5. junkat90s
    junkat90s New Member
    thank's to this comments.
    I change the normals.

    In fact, I didn't want the inner sphere can rotate.
    But it was important, that we can see an other sphere was included in a more important sphere.

    thank's a lot for all this help.
    Great community